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Product Design & Manufacturing


Design and manufacture best-in-class cars and equipment with tools designed for automotive manufacturers and automotive suppliers. Cope with increasing time and quality pressures, help avoid costly late charges, and manage external processes using car design software that has the tools you need. Use visualization and plastic part simulation to drive better design decisions upfront and throughout your projects.

Building Products, Equipment & Fabrication

Design, visualize, and simulate building products and equipment digitally, and create BIM-ready models to help win project bids. Help improve bidding profitability, reduce costly errors, and promote better collaboration by demonstrating how your validated building product design will work in your client’s architectural context. Deliver BIM-ready content and compelling 3D sales presentations.

Consumer Products

Design products with product engineering, design, and visualization tools that reduce new product development time and help lower costs. Create more innovative consumer product designs, reduce development time, and efficiently collaborate with partners and suppliers. Go from concept to market introduction with a set of tools covering all phases of product development through manufacturing.

Industrial Equipment

Win more business, reduce development costs, and speed time to market of innovative industrial equipment and machinery. Highly regarded industrial equipment companies design, simulate, visualize, and manage their products digitally to help create competitive advantage. Autodesk solutions help at every stage of the product development process by streamlining workflows and collaboration between multidisciplinary teams.