Legacy Data Migration & PDM software Update Services

Migrate legacy data into a new data management system OR migrate to an updated version of your data management software to ensure peak performance.


A document management system should save you time and money, but it must be properly maintained and integrated into your business. Whether you need to migrate legacy data into a new system or migrate to a new version of your data management software, we can help.

Legacy Data Migration

Data including database information, file revision histories, custom properties and file relationships can all be imported into your new system in a quick and organized manner with no loss of information.

Legacy data can exist in a variety of different formats and locations.  Hagerman & Company has experience working with many forms of data management including:

  • Windows files and folders
  • File properties contained in the above files
  • Replacement of existing/older data management systems
  • ERP and other business systems
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • In-house Access, SQL Server, Oracle and other databases

Hagerman utilizes existing or customized utilities to accurately import data into your new system.  Our tools and services include, but are not limited to:

  • Modify legacy data to the specific format required for import into a new system
  • Automated analysis and correction of broken CAD file relationships
  • Tools to scan all customer selected servers, PC’s and folders, and report all file data to a database for analysis. This facilitates file cleanup, merging, conversion, editing, renaming, deleting, and moving of files prior to import into a new system
  • Tools that can batch update custom file properties based on spreadsheet data or folder hierarchies, enabling the powerful search capabilities of newer data management systems without weeks of manual data entry

Existing Software Version Migration

Timely upgrades to existing data management solutions are necessary to maximize your return on investment. However, these upgrades are often done infrequently, require time to plan and execute, and require specific skillsets. Hagerman & Company’s version migration service offers a method keep your data management solutions up-to-date and functioning at peak performance while minimizing downtime.

Hagerman PDM/PLM Migration Services include:

  • Review and diagnosis of Windows Server operating system and backend database requirements
  • Upgraded project planning
  • Offsite system database testing
  • Upgrade testing
  • Validated system upgrade for functions in development, QA and production environments
  • Large upgrade planning and execution for multiple integrated regional and/or international sites
  • System installation
  • Validation documentation development
  • Post-upgrade support
  • Related CAD and/or other end-user or enterprise software upgrades
  • Software specific services:
    • Autodesk Inventor Migration
    • Autodesk Vault Data Migration
    • Autodesk Vault Batch Update
    • Autodesk Vault Autoloader

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