Boost Productivity with a Manufacturing Business Process Review

Optimize your manufacturing business processes with expert recommendations to increase productivity, reduce waste, and deliver products faster.


The Manufacturing Business Process Review provides an assessment of your existing manufacturing business processes, with an emphasis on information flow and interdepartmental communications. Our team will deliver improvement recommendations that result in reduced waste, increased productivity, and faster product delivery.

Activities associated with this service include:

  • Interviews with representatives of the following departments:
    • Engineering
    • Sales
    • Quality
    • Manufacturing / Operations
    • Additional stakeholders as necessary
  • Review of existing processes, including:
    • New Product Introduction
    • Engineering Bill of Materials generation and communication
    • Change Management
    • Quality Controls
  • Review of existing engineering and business software, including:
    • CAD Software
    • Data Management
    • Product Lifecycle Management
    • ERP/MRP
  • Generation of a written deliverable that documents the current environment and provides recommendations for improvement

Interviews with key stakeholders will be conducted remotely via screen sharing software, will last between one and two hours each, and may take place over the course of multiple days depending on customer availability. The written deliverable will be provided within one to two weeks after completion of the interviews.

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