iWiz Connection greatly enhances the wizards (the data entry forms) of Meridian, and provides some new features and functions that are not available in the base product.

The iWiz Connection wizard has a more configurable interface with a lot more bells and whistles that can be applied to the form.  It makes it easy to configure and link Meridian Look Up lists to large databases that customers want to use when describing their document metadata. These databases can be from other systems of record: Locations Management (CAFM), Maintenance Management (CMMS), Project Management (CPPM), and Management of Change (MOC).  The Look Up lists in iWiz Connection are not just a single-column drop down list.  They are multi-column, fully filterable, support the selection of multiple values, and allow for saving of preferences by the individual user.

iWiz Connection can be configured to allow users to add, modify, and/or delete some metadata information through the use of Look Up List Administration.  This feature of the software allows authorized users to edit the “back end” of the Meridian database right from the user interface of the Meridian PowerWeb client, which eliminates the need to ask a database administrator to perform these functions.

iWiz Connection also enhances derivations of files (either singularly or in batches), auto populating properties and tracking workflow status. It can control concurrent engineering changes to documents in the Meridian vault, and provides for more sophisticated document revision numbering algorithms than the base product.

iWiz Connection also adds a thick layer of metadata reliability.  It can be configured to flag documents when changes are made to the metadata, and to track Administrator reviews of metadata to ensure quality and validity.

At a high level, iWiz Connection:
  1. Provides full integration of Meridian with existing database applications
  2. Enforces consistent and reliable application of document metadata, using a very powerful but equally intuitive user interface
  3. Provides flexible configuration options to make Meridian work with existing business practices
Which helps:
  1. Eliminate data inconsistency between the EDMS and other critical business applications
  2. Provide a high level of user confidence in the accuracy, reliability, and usability of the EDMS
  3. Allow implementation of a powerful and reliable EDMS without the need to modify existing business practices

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