ETO Connection

Hagerman ETO Connection software gives you full design automation without the need for costly custom programming. 

Hagerman ETO Connection: Design Automation Simplified


You can now experience the revolutionary power of full design automation without custom programming!  Hagerman & Company is proud to introduce our new ETO (Engineered to Order) Connection software that can help you do just that.  Building on our 20+ years of success in design automation and engineered-to-order software, ETO Connection takes design automation to new levels of productivity and accessibility.  

Capabilities include:

  • Full automation for 2D and 3D AutoCAD and Inventor automation and design outputs (with future support for Revit)
  • Allows for easy forms-based capture of all design inputs with automated generation of 2D and 3D designs to save time, money, mistakes and improve customer satisfaction
  • Support for a multitude of flexible user interfaces and platforms including web browsers, Excel spreadsheets, .NET forms, your existing CAD software and other existing in-house customer systems




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