Software by Application

Product Design & Manufacturing

Product Design and Manufacture encompasses everything from the mechanical and electrical components of the products, to automated assembly processes, to the supply chain that gets materials to the factory.

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AEC and Civil Design

The architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry consists of separate players who work together to bring a project to fruition. By integrating these seemingly separate entities into a single industry, architects, engineers and contractors can work more efficiently to achieve a common goal.

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Document Managememt

Hagerman & Company offers a variety of software for document management from vendors including Autodesk, BlueCielo ECM Solutions and Synergis Software. We also provide consulting services as well as our own proprietary software. 

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Collaboration is an extension of CAD/CAM, leverages the ubiquity of the Internet and allows members of a supply chain to work together to design, build, market and deploy products and services. It enhances supply chain visibility; accelerates business velocity; creates barriers to entry; and enables new business models.

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Simulation allows you to deliver better designs more quickly and make great products and design better structures.

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Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) is a business system that helps companies digitize, automate, and improve their maintenance operations.

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Product lifecycle management (PLM) refers to the management of data and processes used in the design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, and service of a product across its entire lifecycle and across the supply chain.

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