Autodesk Inventor Nastran New User Training Course

Learn Inventor Nastran fundamentals in this 2-day course. Create simulations of linear and non-linear static stress, dynamics, fatigue and impact analyses.

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Course Overview

Prerequisite An understanding of 3d Modeling using Autodesk Inventor or SolidWorks preferred, but not required
Manual Inventor Nastran Essentials
Length 2 days
*Starting times for online training vary.

Course Details

The Autodesk® Inventor® Nasran New User course will cover the basic material everyone needs to know to use Inventor Nastran, including best practices and explanations of the fundamental concepts. You will learn how to create Mechanical simulations for a variety of scenarios, including both linear and non-linear static stress, dynamics, fatigue, and impact analyses. The course will transition from basic model setup and best practices for linear static stress analyses to more advanced analysis types.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Inventor Nastran 
  • FEA Basics
  • The Inventor Nastran  User Interface
  • Best Practices for Linear Static Stress Analyses
  • Post-Processing and Results Review
  • Meshing and Mesh Refinement
  • Contact Modeling
  • Analysis Settings
  • Modal Analyses
  • Modal Avoidance and Design Iterations
  • Dynamic Fatigue
  • Nonlinear Large Displacement
  • Material Nonlinearities
  • Impact Analyses

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