Autodesk Inventor Advanced Assembly Modeling Training Course

Expand your skills with this 2-day Inventor Advanced Assembly Modeling course. Learn to apply motion to existing assembly constraints and much more.

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Course Overview

Prerequisite Inventor Level I class or Inventor 2013 later experience. When registering for an eTraining session, please note that this course is not suitable for the LT version of this software.
Manual Inventor Advanced Assembly Modeling
Length 2 days
*Starting times for online training vary.

Course Details

In this training class you will build on the skills acquired in the Autodesk Inventor New User course. While not required, the Inventor Advanced Part Modeling course is recommended before this Advanced Assembly Modeling course.

Topics include:

  • Applying motion to existing assembly constraints using Motion and Transitional Constraints.
  • Introduction of the Top-Down Design technique for creating assemblies and its components.
  • Inventor tools for Top-Down Design, including associative links, adaptive parts, multi-body design, layout design, derived components, and skeleton models.
  • Creating Positional Representations of an assembly to review motion, evaluate the position of assembly components, or document an assembly in a drawing.
  • Using Shrinkwrap and other model simplification tools to create a part model that represents an overall assembly.
  • Creating Model States to save configured states of components. Use Model States to help optimize assembly performance and to reduce the clutter of a large number of components.
  • Using the Design Accelerator to easily insert standard and customizable components and features into your model.
  • Creating rendered realistic images and animations of parts and assemblies using Inventor Studio and the Video Producer.
  • Using iMates and iAssemblies to work efficiently with assemblies.
  • Using the Frame Generator to create members in a structural frame work.
  • Using pattern, mirror, and copy techniques to duplicate components in an assembly.
  • Working with weldments.

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