Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro for Project Member Training Course

Master the workflow for BIM 360 Docs, Design Collaboration, and Model Coordination in this 1/2-day course designed for Project Members.

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Course Overview

Prerequisite Each project member will need a license for Autodesk BIM Collaboration Pro. Installation of Revit 2023 or higher to work on the Revit® class project during exercises. *License other than BIM Collaborate Pro will limit available modules
Manual Autodesk® Docs and Design Collaboration for Admins Handout
Length 4 hours
*Starting times for online training vary.

Course Details

The course is designed to provide Project Members with a solid understanding of the workflow for Autodesk Docs and Design Collaboration modules. The course will explain each module’s workflow and the tools that are available in each.

Topics include:

  • Document Management Module
    • Uploading various types of files
    • Downloading files
    • Viewing and comparing 2D and 3D files
    • Marking up files
    • Creating and assigning Issues
  • Design Collaboration*
    • Initiate Revit Model Worksharing in the cloud
    • Sync to Central & Publish cloud models.
    • Sharing and linking models

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