Cloud PDM and PLM to easily connect your data, people, and processes.


What is Upchain?

Dashboards and KPIs

Easily access important data with intuitive dashboards

Upchain is cloud-based product data management and product lifecycle management software all in one. Configurable, out-of-the-box workflows control your processes to keep projects moving, while integrations keep teams working in the CAD and business tools they already know.

Instant-on PDM and PLM that adapts to your needs

User interface with 3D viewer open

Collaborate from wherever you are in real-time.

Upchain software:

  • Integrates with the CAD tools and business systems you already know and use
  • Connects your product development process from concept to production
  • Removes collaboration barriers and increases efficiency and resiliency

Unlock rich 3D data for non-CAD users with Upchain

User interface with 3D viewer open

Access CAD data without a CAD license

  • Extend data beyond your enterprise to suppliers, customers, and partners
  • Give stakeholders access to real-time data and contextual understanding without bothering engineers
  • Gather feedback easily via markup and comments without assigning CAD licenses

Which Upchain product is right for you?


For project managers and engineers. Define and manage workflows, templates, engineering changes, and processes.


For contributors and feedback-givers. Markup CAD files, view and manage revision control, and create secure documents.


For project followers, information seekers, and ticket-raisers. View CAD files, workflows, dashboards, and resources.

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