iLogic Customization Increases Efficiency for Benda Conveyor Solutions

Benda Conveyor Solutions is a manufacturer of high-quality integrated production line systems, headquartered in Tinley Park, IL. The Benda engineering department relies on custom iLogic code to automate some of their Inventor® operations. One feature of the company's iLogic code required an employee to manually select "enter" after each part generation. With one assembly potentially containing over a hundred sheet metal parts, this minor annoyance added up to a significant time-management issue.


Project Goals:

After some creative attempts at solving the problem, the Benda team called upon Hagerman & Company to help update and revise the iLogic code. Benda engineers also needed help addressing some error messages popping up since the upgrade to Inventor 2023.


Hagerman & Company consultants were able to make changes to the code, removing unnecessary function and allowing for a more efficient workflow.

Business Outcomes:

Streamlining the process has allowed Benda Conveyor Solutions to increase efficiency and take on more projects, boosting profitability.


Through their relationship with Hagerman and Autodesk, the engineers at Benda were able to update and solidify the iLogic code and make other needed improvements to the workflow. 


It was a pleasure working with the Hageman team. We have more projects in the pipeline as we are doing more with less to increase the efficiency and profitability of our engineering department.
Al Popovich Senior Mechanical Design Engineer
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