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Save hundreds of hours of Vault setup time and make Autodesk Vault much more easy and productive!

For many companies, especially those using Autodesk design tools, Autodesk Vault, and its advanced searching capabilities is the ideal data management solution.  However, for some organizations, a major obstacle to the successful implementation of Autodesk Vault is getting legacy files and their file properties/metadata into Autodesk Vault quickly and accurately.  In situations like this, Hagerman & Company’s proprietary Property Connection utilities for Autodesk Vault along with expert consulting and assistance from Hagerman team members is the ideal solution to this challenge!

Hagerman’s Property Connection utilities include:

Update Properties From Spreadsheet:

Legacy file property or metadata information needing to be imported into Autodesk Vault can exist in a variety of different formats and locations including:

  • Company ERP or other business systems
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Other in-house Access, SQL, Oracle, or other databases or data sources

With “Update Properties From Spreadsheet”, you can automatically fill in or update file metadata in Vault from any of the above original sources.  To do so, you simply need to first import your files into Vault and import your metadata into an Excel spreadsheet containing your desired metadata along with a column containing your filenames.  Run from inside of Vault, “Update Properties From Spreadsheet” will match filenames between Vault and Excel and fill in or update each file’s Vault properties based on those matches.

Update Properties from Folders:

Autodesk Vault allows you to arrange your files into a logical folder hierarchy just like you can in Windows.  Depending on your industry, levels in your Vault folder hierarchy may represent some logical combination of each file’s associated Customer, Project, Location, Building, Discipline, Vendor, Product Line, Model, Part Type, etc.  Then just like Windows Explorer, you can browse through your folder structure to find files.

Hagerman’s “Update Properties From Folders” utility will use your folder levels and folder names to automatically fill in associated Vault file properties based on each file’s location in your Vault folder hierarchy thus allowing your users to also quickly and easily search for files across all folders based on any combination of the above parameters. “Update Properties From Folders” makes it easy for users to search and retrieve files based on any combination of folder/property names/values rather than having to know where a file is located in your Vault folder structure in order to access it.

Our Property Connection utilities have been used successfully used by many customers to save hundreds of hours of Vault setup time and to make ongoing usage of their Autodesk Vault system much more easy and productive!

Each Hagerman Property Connection utility is sold separately.

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