Project Connection

Manage as-built and project files inside Vault with Project ConnectionTM.


Many plant managers require additional capabilities not found in Autodesk Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional to successfully manage as-builts and project files. Hagerman & Company has developed the soltuion: Project Connection.

Project Connection was developed for:



  • Operations and maintenance staff maintain access to current as-builts while engineering can make changes to plant facilities and equipment
  • Separate as-built documents from current engineering and capital construction project documents
  • Maintenance and other staff can access the latest as-builts while design projects are in progress
  • Supports concurrent engineering by simultaneously allowing the same file to be assigned to multiple engineering projects
  • Automatically updates related as-builts when engineering projects and files are complete
  • Tracks all relationships between current as-built files and project documents


  • All Project Connection commands are available on Vault’s standard right-click menu
  • Works seamlessly with Vault features including check in/out, categories, lifecycles, revision schemes and security
  • Project archive history allows staff to compare current and previous versions of project files
  • Quickly view all past and current linked project copies and associated as-builts
  • Fully supports AutoCAD XRef’s and other CAD file relationships
  • Automatically adds desired filename prefixes and suffixes to project copies as they are being created
  • For large datasets, users can create linked project copies of multiple selected as-builts at the same time
  • Prevent users from creating new as-builts from outdated project copies

Project Connection command user interface in Vault

With Vault’s standard “Where Used” tab, users can view or go to any of the current and past linked project copies associated with an as-built and see the status of each file


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