Meridian Cloud for Life Sciences

Transition to the cloud, simplify compliance and streamline validation with Accruent's highly secure, expertly validated SaaS EDMS.

On-premise systems no longer cut it in a post-COVID-19 world: they contribute to major inefficiencies — like overly complex internal validation processes and inaccurate or incomplete documentation — and severely impact big-picture efficiency, bandwidth, and ROI.  

Now, regulatory bodies are actively calling for more automation, improved validation, and increased focus on global regulations. In short, they’re calling for a move to the cloud.  

And the last ones to make the switch will be left behind.



Validation as a Service

We take care of system qualification, validations and audits so your team doesn’t have to. That means more resources, fewer security risks, more uptime and fewer interruptions for your organization.

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Pre-Validated Solution

Continuous delivery of revalidated improvements through AMS (Accruent Managed Services)

Ongoing Auditing

Documents are consistently accurate and up-to-date

Increased Bandwidth

Your validation team won’t require time and IT resources

Save Time

Time to qualify, validate and audit goes from months to weeks to days


Robust Continuous Compliance Capabilities

MC4LS can facilitate compliance with Title 21 CFR, cGMP, GMP Annex 11 and other key regulations with features for electronic signatures, audit logs, controlled document editing and automated watermarks and print stamps.

Maximize Security

Ongoing compliance means lower security risk and fewer threats.

SOC 2 Type II Controlled Systems

Ensures customer data is secure.

Specific Compliance Capabilities

Including review and approval workflows with e-signatures and audit trails.

Streamlined Audits

Automated test reports for audits


Next-Level Electronic Document Management

Break down silos, consolidate critical documentation and support collaboration for engineering and manufacturing excellence using online annotations, digital workflow routing, mobile capabilities and more.

Digital Workflows

Support both cGMP and non-cGMP documents.

Mobile Capabilities

Online and offline access to assets and related data & docs.

Scan, Retrieve and Comment

Find related docs, view a document, redline or comment.

Collaboration Reviews

Decrease duplication or out-of-date docs with a comprehensive review and approval process.


Future-Ready Digital Transformation

Top organizations are transitioning to the cloud. Those who get there first will overcome many legacy-related inefficiencies like frequent plant shutdowns, costly validation processes, distribution concerns and more.

Maximize IT Efficiency

More free time allows for improved focus and efficiency.

Improve Collaboration

Achieve engineering and manufacturing excellence in the cloud.

Connect Key Systems

Maximize data-driven insight and share information securely and reliably.

Beat the Competition

Streamline digital transformation and beat your competitors to the cloud.


Standout Features of Meridian Cloud for Life Sciences

  1. Continuous compliance with Title 21 CFR, cGMP, GMP Annex 11 and other key regulations.
  2. Simplified system qualification, validation and audits.
  3. Lower risk and cost of quality, which decreases costs and maximizes ROI.
  4. Supported collaboration for engineering and manufacturing excellence in the cloud.
  5. Continuous delivery of validated system improvements.
  6. Lower IT burden of ongoing maintenance and support.



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