AutoPlot Connection

Boost Plotting Productivity with AutoPLOT Connection

AutoPlot Connection software provides automated batch printing, plotting and publishing capabilities for most popular file formats, and is the ideal way to streamline the production and delivery of hard copy drawings and documents throughout your organization.

AutoPLOT Connection can greatly reduce the time required to print drawings and documents with a single, easy-to-use interface. Administrators can configure rules to automatically set plot parameters based on file type, user, or drawing size, and control user access to print/plot parameters and output devices. Files can be automatically routed to the correct native application or to output devices closest to the user. CAD software is not necessary for users to generate prints and plots, and jobs can be scheduled for plotting at a later time.


  • Supports a variety of popular CAD formats including AutoCAD®, Autodesk® Inventor® and SolidWorks®
  • Supports common file formats including DWF, TIF, GP4, DOC, XLS, PPT and PDF
  • Integrates with popular ERP and content/data management (ECM/PDM) systems
  • Plot parameters can automatically be passed to AutoPlot Connection from the above ERP, ECM and PDM systems
  • Automatic plot stamping with date, time, user and other customer defined information
  • Automate the publishing of DWF, PDF or other files
  • Automate zipping and emailing of published files
    Note: Some limitations may apply based on the printing/plotting application used. Please inquire.


  • CAD software is not needed by end users to generate prints and plots
  • To select files, users can drag and drop from Windows Explorer, browse the file system, search and retrievebased on file names or properties, or submit files directly from ECM or PDM systems
  • User workstations are available for other tasks while files are printing and plotting
  • Automatically route files to the correct native application based on the file’s extension (DWG, DOC, TIF, SLDDRW, IDW, etc.)
  • Status monitoring of all open print/plot jobs
  • Automatic logging of results to an AutoPlot job log database




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