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Hagerman & Company has developed a suite of software applications and plug-ins that enhance and maximize productivity when using Autodesk software.

For Data Management:

Based on our experience with hundreds of Autodesk Vault implementations, we have developed the following solutions: 

  • AutoPlot Connection provides advanced batch printing, plotting and publishing capabilities for all levels of Autodesk Vault and also provides the ability to integrate with other company business systems to receive or publish data.
  • Backup Connection provides automated and detailed daily email reports on the status of your Vault backups with the ability to send the reports to multiple selected staff members in IT, engineering, etc.
  • Cleanup Connection software enables you to reorganize drawing and other files so that all redundant, outdated drawings and other files are eliminated. In addition, based on customer requirements, Cleanup Connection can automate other functions such as automatically reorganizing folder structures, renaming files, converting files to different formats and more.
  • ETO Connection gives you full design automation without the need for costly custom programming. 
  • Lifecycle Connection adds fully customizable e-mail notification capabilities in conjunction with Vault Workgroup and Pro lifecycle definitions (workflows).
  • Migration Connection consists of a collection of proprietary in-house tools that allow Hagerman customers to easily migrate all of the current files, revisions, folder structures, property values, relationships, etc. from a legacy data
  • Project Connection is compatible with Vault Workgroup and Pro and is designed primarily for utilities and process-oriented manufacturers such as steel, chemicals, food, pharma, etc. Project Connection enables the separation of project copies from their as-built/master files, supports concurrent engineering processes and better enables collaboration with outside engineering firms.
  • QVP Connection is a low cost tool that enables any user in your organization to use a simple form to query, view and print all documents stored in Autodesk Vault. (Requires customer supplied viewing and printing software. Ask us about options.)

For working with Electrical environment files:

  • Electrical Environment Connection provides a graphical user interface to assist with the configuration of the AutoCAD Electrical environment (WD.ENV) file.  The .ENV file is a text file with a specific syntax for modifying or creating a new file.  The AutoCAD Electrical environment file is key to configuring your deployment and use of AutoCAD Electrical in a multi-user or multi-project setting.

For more information on any of these products, please contact us.

Stay tuned for future additions to our product line that will address customer needs in both data management and CAD!


  • ETO Connection software gives you full design automation without the need for costly custom programming.



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