Load your data

Are you challenged to import your data into the Vault? You want to complete or clean up your Vault data?

coolOrange tools can help you with loading data from disk, migrating from other PDM/PLM systems, merging Vaults, complete and clean up Vaults. In any case, your Vault will contain all your data, in the right shape at the right place.

Enhance your processes

Wouldn't it be great to automate tasks like PDF, DWG, DXF creation when files get released? Or enhance your checks on release and make sure that files get released just if ....

coolOrange has extensions for the Vault client and the Vault Jobprocessor, which makes this possible in a simple and customizable way. Delegate work to the Jobprocessor, and enhance your workflow and data quality.

Connect your systems

Are you looking for ways to transfer your CAD BOM to your ERP System? Do you like to speed up your engineering process by creating ERP items directly from with Vault?

With powerGate you can connect Vault directly with your ERP system, so that operations, like creating items, transferring BOM, checking existence and correctness of part numbers, can be made right away, in a modern and user-friendly way.

The perks of Automated Publishing



When it comes to large Autodesk Inventor assemblies, the file names displayed in the Inventor browser are often indiscernible and unrelated to their content, and this makes component identification tricky. Ideally, the file names should include some additional information, like the part number, the title or even the material.


Bridging design into manufacturing.  The Bill of Materials (BOM) contains crucial data that need to be passed on with painstaking precision. Transferring the BOM to the ERP system is one of the key steps in the path that leads from design to all the other business processes, and doing it manually is too risky and time-consuming.


Automate manual tasks. powerJobs is the most reliable assistant ever, a unique toolbox designed to automate all those tasks in your process that may be subject to human error such as file publishing, printing, and notifying people or teams. We equipped it with everything you need to speed up your workflow and make it trouble-free and dependable.


Ready, steady, load. Getting your data ready and fit for the loading process is crucial when you need to import thousands of files into Autodesk Vault. Making this process smoother, safer and leaner can save you a lot of time and money, not to mention frustration.

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  • Autodesk Vault and coolOrange powerJobs for Consumable File Generation
  • Autodesk Vault and coolOrange powerJobs for ERP/MRP/PLM Communication
  • Enhancing Autodesk Vault Lifecycles with coolOrange powerEvents and Hagerman Lifecycle Connection
  • Ensuring Autodesk Vault Data Integrity with coolOrange powerEvents