Simulation Engineering Services

Our expert resources become an extension of your engineering team

Our simulation division, Sim Specialists, offers a complete solution for clients who need an expert on their team. Our simulation experts work as a direct extension of your design team, leveraging your historical product knowledge and our simulation expertise to tackle even the most challenging projects. They also work with members of your team, training them (link to training services section on this page) to efficiently utilize in-house simulation software. 

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We can help you explore your designs before you even begin production so you can:

  • Minimize expensive prototypes
  • Avoid field failures
  • Reduce excess materials
  • Increase product performance
  • Reduce warranty issues
  • Lower energy consumption in buildings

Thereby, increasing your profits and return on investment.

Our experts are proficient in both CFD and FEA simulation. Click here for more information on the specific simulation services we deliver.

7 Essentials for an Efficient Engineering Simulation

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Training Services

Own Simulation software but need a hand using it with your designs? We can help train you on the software while showing you the best way to optimize your designs. Each training/mentoring session is customized to each your application and we only hold 2-3 sessions per week to ensure students remain focused, retain the material and can run their own models efficiently. 

Learn more about our 5-for-5 mentoring services.  

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