Autodesk® Health Check

The Autodesk® Health Check solution is a post implementation assessment aimed at checking how efficiently you are using your Autodesk software, and making recommendations for improvement.

To conduct the Health Check, Hagerman consultants will review a completed project of one or more files, created by one or more disciplines, and interview teams and analyzing files. The consultants will generate a Health Check report detailing the strengths and weaknesses in the implementation. The report covers topics such as pain points in the modeling process, model optimization, industry best practices and any inefficiencies in the design process. It can also help serve as a benchmark against other projects.

If you are rolling out a new implementation, you may want to understand how successful the first stage of implementation has been. The Health Check will provide guidance as to where further training or mentoring may be appropriate, and an insight into how you can better realize the ROI that you are looking for.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Review - Take advantage of our implementation experience by getting a review of the strengths and weaknesses in your current implementation. Help confirm that you are getting the best ROI available to you with the tools.
  • Project Based - Demonstrate for QA purposes that you have optimized your model and overcome inefficiencies. Assess a project designed using your software whether multi-discipline, or in a single file.
  • Benchmark your Files - Review several project files and compare their vital statistics for size, data integrity, and alignment to document and data requirements.
  • Industry Best Practices - Find out whether your users understand not just what or how, but why to model in a certain way. Provide the company with industry best practices.
  • Identify Issues Past and Future - Address current pain points in the modeling process and identify potential future implications of modeling, depending on the downstream use.

Do I Need a Health Check?

  • How does your company audit its project activities? Would a post-implementation report provided by one of our industry experts be of value?
  • How do you review the skill level of your employees? Do you have power users who are willing to share their knowledge, or do you lack the production time to spare staff to review and train internally?
  • Do you have a project that has not gone well? If so, do you know how much of it may have been due to the implementation of the software?
  • You know you have an A-team, but don’t know how to raise others to that level without appearing selective? Would an independent benchmarking report be of value? 




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