Implementation Assistance

Hagerman & Company offers services to implement any of our software offerings into your organization, including Document Management, Simulation and CAD Software. Let us show you how to maximize your software investment.

Autodesk Inventor Implementation Services

  • Improve utilization of shared resources (ex. shared libraries)
  • Streamline drawing formats, standards and naming conventions
  • Organize database files
  • Maximize software performance
  • Optimize workflows and enhance productivity

Hagerman Standard Implementation Assistance Package

Build upon our training, with these additional services:

  • Best practice review
  • File naming conventions
  • Project files and directory structures
  • Multi-user operating setup and procedures
  • Setup and configuration of iFeatures and iParts
  • Usage of Autodesk Inventor Content Library and custom libraries
  • Styles libraries, template files, title blocks and file properties
  • Exporting of DWG and DWF files
  • Identifying needs for additional end-user training
  • Review of current modeling procedures and techniques
  • Analysis of file resolution issues
  • Review of any hardware/performance issues

Providing Tools for Success

Our goal is not to replace or become your CAD administrator — it is to work with you to put your company on the correct path to long-term success, promoting high productivity and self-sufficiency.

Autodesk Inventor Consultation

All client personnel who will be working with Hagerman & Company consultants should previously have taken Autodesk Inventor training from an authorized Autodesk training provider or have received prior approval from Hagerman & Company personnel to receive these consultation services.

The Autodesk Inventor services outlined here are not a substitute for Autodesk Inventor end-user training. Hagerman & Company also offers both classroom and custom Autodesk Inventor end-user training courses.

Hagerman & Company can assist the client in completing and finalizing the Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Vault configurations per recommendations developed jointly by Hagerman & Company and client personnel during these consultation services.