Controls Design Workflow Healthcheck


Hagerman & Company understands the need for efficient design and documentation for controls engineers.  We can assess your current design processes and standards, make recommendations to help reach efficiency goals, and justify an action plan with measurable ROI.


Understand and identify the project parameters and documentation requirements from an electrical controls perspective.  Controls includes P&ID, schematics, hydraulics and pneumatics as well as the reports necessary to meet expectations and safety requirements.


Documentation and presentation of findings that will include suggested workflows, training, standards including schematics, physical layouts, and reports necessary to successfully complete the project from a controls perspective.


  1. A discovery meeting will be held either on-site or remotely to understand the project parameters and goals.  Current documentation will need to be accessible as well as any other customer/market requirements.  Designated team members should be present during this phase to assist in understanding the types of project details such as standards, schematics necessary to complete the project (P&ID, electrical and pneumatics), physical representations, and reports.
  2. A document will be created and presented with the following being addressed
    • Suggested software platform(s)
    • Schematic workflows
    • Physical workflow options
    • Parts Database implementation
    • Needed reports and outputs
    • Implementation plan
      • Suggested Training
      • Drawing Templates
      • Report Configuration
      • Data Management Recommendations


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