Vault Solutions for Plant Owners

At Hagerman & Company, we specialize in Autodesk Vault data management solutions for plant owner/ operators.  If you work in the engineering department of one of these organizations, you know the special data management challenges involved in your industry, including:

  • Making mission critical documents easily and reliably available 24/7 to operations and maintenance staff
  • Managing documents for multiple complex engineering and capital construction projects
  • Keeping current project documents separate from, but linked to their related as-built or master documents
  • Making all pertinent drawing and document data available in user-friendly forms for viewing and editing
  • Migrating all existing legacy data including files, revision histories, properties, file interrelationships, etc. from an older legacy system to Autodesk Vault

Hagerman & Company has the off-the-shelf tools and vast industry experience to make all of the above a reality for you.  As a result, more and more organizations involved in industries such as utilities, primary metal production, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, oil and gas, pulp and paper, pipelines, etc. are selecting Hagerman & Company to implement Autodesk Vault for their company.

Hagerman Project Connection for Autodesk Vault

Hagerman Project Connection for Autodesk Vault allows plant owner/operator organizations to:

  • Make as-built drawings and other documents available to engineering and maintenance staffs
  • Keep as-built and current design documents for engineering and construction projects separated from each other
  • Allow maintenance and other staff to access the latest as-builts while design projects are in progress
  • Support concurrent engineering by assigning the same drawings and other files to multiple engineering projects
  • Automatically update related as-builts when the engineering projects are complete
  • Track all relationships between current as-built and project copies of documents

Project Connection is fully integrated with Vault Workgroup and Professional.

Hagerman QVP Connection

Operations and maintenance people need a simple forms-based tool for searching, retrieving, viewing and printing drawings and other documents.  In large facilities that have hundreds of staff members scattered throughout, you need a software tool that is expandable plant-wide on a cost effective basis.  Hagerman QVP Connection meets these criteria and integrates with all popular viewing software.

Migration of Legacy Data

Many engineering departments within large plant facilities already have a document management system to store and control their drawings and other documents.  In many cases, these systems have become old and obsolete and need to be replaced with a more modern system such as Autodesk Vault.  

This older legacy system may contain tens or hundreds of thousands of files and related data.  In the past, migration of legacy data has been a barrier to moving to Vault. 

Hagerman & Company has the software migration tools and experience with hundreds of customers to ensure a smooth and automated migration of all your legacy data including CAD files, scanned drawings and other documents including all revision histories, file properties and interrelationships, etc. from an older current system (or Windows Explorer) to Autodesk Vault.

Implementation of Vault Data Standard

The Vault Data Standard (VDS) is a new tool for Vault allowing customers to have user-friendly forms and wizards for viewing and editing all important information and properties relating to a drawing or other document.  In a plant environment, these properties can include drawing number and description, equipment number, discipline, drawing type, equipment type and/or description, vendor, project number, building, etc. Vault Data Standard is fully customizable and allows for the creation of different VDS forms for different types of drawings and documents.

Hagerman & Company is fully proficient and experienced with Vault Data Standard and can tailor it to your specific needs.


  • ETO Connection software gives you full design automation without the need for costly custom programming.