Hagerman Vault Services

With over 20 years of data management experience and over 1100 successful customer Vault projects, Hagerman & Company represents the optimal partner to assist you with Autodesk Vault. Hagerman & Company can deliver anything from a basic quick start Vault implementation for a small company or department to a large complex project spanning many months and customer locations and involving multiple Hagerman and customer team members.

In addition, our Connection line of software tools can provide you with critical additional off-the-shelf functionality for Vault. No matter whether you are a small manufacturing firm, a large multi-national corporation with multiple sites and hundreds or thousands of users, an AEC firm, or anyone who needs to manage CAD files and other documents, Hagerman & Company offers a menu of services that can scale up or down to meet your budget and unique set of needs!

All of these services can be delivered on site or via interactive remote sessions.

  • Pre-sale consulting – Our highly experienced pre-sale technical staff will work with your team, gain an understanding of your goals and timeline and map out the perfect Vault solution, preliminary configuration and required services for your organization
  • Project planning and management – Once your order is placed, our dedicated project management team will work with you to map out a detailed, written and mutually agreed upon project plan and then coordinate, schedule and track all project activities through to a successful project completion
  • System design and configuration – At the beginning of your implementation, our project lead will work with your staff so that we understand all of your unique requirements so that we design and then configure your Vault system to meet all of your specific needs.
  • Legacy data migration – If you are migrating to Vault from a legacy system, we can work with you to ensure that all of your files, folder structures, revision histories, properties, relationships, etc. are brought into Vault using our proprietary Migration Connection tools along with the Vault Data Transfer Utility. Our team has performed migrations to Vault from most common legacy systems and databases.
  • Software installation – With over 11000 installations under our belt, our technical team has successfully installed Vault server and client software in almost every possible IT environment and configuration
  • Multi-site replication – Should you need to connect multiple national or international locations together in a single integrated Vault environment, our team can use the experience gained over dozens of multi-site implementations to make this a reality for you.
  • Vault Data Standard customization – Hagerman & Company staff is fully proficient with the setup and configuration of Vault Data Standard so that your users can interact more easily with Vault using custom property pages, wizards, automatic template file and folder selection, and enforcement of required properties along with many other automation features and capabilities designed to streamline Vault usage.
  • Vault API programming – In addition, the Hagerman team is fully proficient with the Vault API programming interface for the creation of custom Vault commands, automations, system integrations and much more. Our staff has developed dozens of custom Vault API applications for our customers.
  • System integration – Our team is highly experienced in integrating with customer ERP systems, maintenance management systems and other in-house databases and systems in order to share information in a seamless manner and make information available to users from multiple systems simultaneously from a single user interface
  • End user and administrator training – Our team has successfully trained thousands of Vault end users and administrators over hundreds of customer sites. We will draw on that experience in order to pass that knowledge on to your design, IT and other departmental staffs so that they are secure, confident and knowledgeable in their use and management of the Vault system.
  • Customer Vault system documentation – Should you desire, at the end of a Vault project, our team will develop a complete documentation package that details the entire setup and configuration of your Vault environment including Vault server configurations, overall IT architecture, Vault configuration including users and groups, properties and mappings, categories, lifecycles, filenaming conventions, etc. along with end user and system administrator procedures and much more.
  • Dedicated post go-live assistance – The initial go-live period is critical in any type of IT project. In order to assist our customers in this period, Hagerman & Company can assign one or more dedicated staff members to ensure that your team gets productive and stays productive on Vault and gets any post go-live issues resolved immediately so that your project launch is a total success.
  • Ongoing support – Should an issue arise once you are in production, our large and available support staff is there to assist. All support incidents are fully monitored and tracked by our support coordinator using our internal CRM system and are not closed out until there is a customer resolution.
  • Assistance with Vault upgrades – Once you have successfully implemented Vault and it’s time to upgrade to a new version, our team can help you make.