Document Management Upgrade Assistance

Being client-server based systems and involving multiple simultaneous users, enterprise document management solutions such as Autodesk Vault, Synergis Adept or Accruent Meridian are a bit more complex than client-based CAD applications.  As a result, upgrading systems like these can be a bit more complex than upgrading standalone client applications.  When your company needs assistance in these types of projects, Hagerman & Company can help.

Our enterprise upgrade services include:

-Upgrade project planning

  • Review and determination of any new Windows Server operating system and backend database requirements
  • Offsite upgrade testing of system filestores and databases
  • Assisting customers with performing additional upgrade testing
  • Working with customers with validated systems requiring Development, QA and Production environments
  • Planning and performing large upgrades involving multiple integrated national and/or international sites
  • Developing required system installation and validation documentation
  • End user and administrator training on new system functionality
  • Initial go-live assistance and support
  • Performing all of the above in conjunction with simultaneous upgrades of related CAD and/or other end user or enterprise software

Having performed hundreds of successful customer enterprise data and document management system upgrades for everyone from the smallest of companies to the largest members of the Fortune Global 500, we’re confident that Hagerman & Company is well suited to assist your organization as well.