Electro-Mechanical (EMX) Integration Services

Communication challenges that create design bottlenecks between mechanical engineers and controls engineers are common. Late design changes can affect the build and test of equipment, the owner of the BoM, and the fit of electrical and fluid power components and cables into the actual assembly.

Autodesk offers an Electro/Mechanical Connector, also known as EMX, that allows AutoCAD® Electrical and Inventor® to share a single Bill of Material to keep the Electrical and Mechanical designs in sync.

The Hagerman & Company Controls Engineering Team has developed a proven method that will ensure a successful EMX integration:

  1. Define your goals.  This could include ensuring a single source for your Bill of Materials, calculating wire and cable lengths for manufacturing, or ensuring that electrical components fit within the mechanical design.
  2. Plan a workflow that will achieve your goals.
  3. Prepare to create and manage both the AutoCAD Electrical and Inventor Electrical Parts.

The following Electro-Mechanical training and implementation services are available from Hagerman & Company:

Custom EMX Training Services

Subjects can include, but are not limited to:

  • Custom Inventor Class
  • Custom Electro-Mechanical Class
  • Custom Electrical Part Creation Class

EMX Consulting Services

Hagerman & Company offers a variety of EMX consulting services, including:

  • AutoCAD Electrical Parts Database Review
  • Creation of Inventor Electrical Parts
  • Best Practice and Workflow Documentation
  • Post Implementation Support


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