Legacy CAD Data Migration

For some organizations and projects, a major obstacle to the successful implementation of a new system is getting legacy CAD data (including database information, files, revision histories, custom properties, file relationships, etc.) into that new system quickly and in an organized manner with no loss of information. In situations like this, Hagerman & Company’s extensive experience and software tools can be the ideal solution to this challenge.

Legacy information which needs to be imported into a new system can exist in a variety of different formats and locations including:

  • Windows files and folders
  • File properties contained in the above files
  • Existing older data management systems to be replaced
  • Company ERP or other business systems
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Other in-house Access, SQL, Oracle or other databases

In all of the above cases, utilities used and in some cases developed by Hagerman & Company can be the solution to getting files and data into your new system accurately and in a cost and time efficient manner.  Hagerman’s tools and services can do all of the following and more:

  • Automated formatting of customer legacy into the intricate and specific format that may be required for importing into your new system
  • Automated analysis and correction of broken AutoCAD XRef/raster and Inventor assembly file relationships
  • Tools to scan all customer selected servers, users PC’s and folders and report all file data to a SQL database for analysis and performing of required file cleanup, merging, conversion, editing, renaming, deleting and moving of files prior to import into your new system
  • An “Update Properties from Spreadsheet” tool that can update custom file properties in mass based on spreadsheet data
  • An “Update Properties from Folders” tool that can update system properties in mass based on customer specified property/folder hierarchy mappings. The result then makes it easy for users to search and retrieve files from anywhere in the hierarchy based on property searches
  • Hagerman & Company has successfully used these above tools to perform legacy data migrations of up to 1MM file records from many different legacy data sources and systems for dozens across the United States and globally.  No other company matches our capabilities and experience in this area.




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