CAD Customization Services

Sometimes using out-of-the-box CAD, CAM or document management software is not enough to give your organization the level of productivity that it needs.  In cases like this, Hagerman & Company has a team of software developers experienced with automating these applications using their Application Programming Interfaces (API’s).  Some of Hagerman & Company’s programming capabilities include experience with the following API’s:

  • AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based solutions
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Autodesk Vault
  • Synergis Adept
  • Accruent Meridian

In addition, Hagerman & Company is experienced in:

  • All aspects of AutoCAD customization including AutoLisp
  • Inventor iLogic
  • Autodesk Forge
  • Microsoft Office Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • Web development tools and technologies including Java, HTML, ASPX, etc.
  • Database design, development and integration using Microsoft Access, SQL Server and other database technologies
  • General software development using Microsoft Visual Studio and other technologies
  • Code management utilizing Microsoft Team Development Server (TFS), Azure DevOps and GitHub

If you have a new project your company is pursuing or if you have an existing automation or customization solution that needs to be upgraded, Hagerman & Company is the perfect partner to help make your project a success.



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Hagerman & Company’s successful design automation projects have allowed:

  • A manufacturer of storage cabinets to automatically complete assembly and part designs, sheet metal flat blanks, generate bills of material and pass them to its ERP system eliminating mistakes and multiple entry of the same data
  • A manufacturer of refrigeration control valves to develop an automated CAD tool to be sent out to its customers giving them the capability to configure and draw valve assemblies and place them into their system layouts
  • The field sales staff and distributors of a manufacturer of moveable partitions for schools, convention centers, churches, etc. to automatically generate proposal drawings and quotes and synchronize all data with the home office
  • A manufacturer of bleacher and other seating systems to cut its turn around time for quotes and submittal drawings from up to (2) weeks to approximately (1) hour and its labor time per proposal from hours to minutes thus freeing up engineers’ time in order to develop new and better products and systems  
  • A manufacturer of emergency vehicles to automatically generate proposal drawings incorporating a nearly infinite variety of vehicle options

Examples of some of our other successful projects include:

  • Developing custom Autodesk menu’s and symbol libraries for many different clients and applications
  • Helping numerous customers upgrade their existing AutoCAD® customizations to be compatible with new versions of AutoCAD
  • Automatic batch processing software to allow customers to make mass changes and updates to current AutoCAD drawings
  • Automated software to assist a manufacturer of lawn and garden equipment to process accounts payable more efficiently and interface with its ERP system
  • Helping numerous customers pass item and bill of material information bi-directionally between CAD, MS-Office, PDM and ERP systems 
  • Developing solutions to assist numerous companies in processing ECO’s more efficiently including both local and remote users (via the web), sending e-mail notifications, parallel approvals, due dates, reminders, warnings, and logging of audit trails
  • Custom software for a large AEC firm to automate the setup and enforcement of CAD standards throughout the organization
  • Software to read work orders output from an ERP system in order to automatically batch print all drawings required by manufacturing personnel in the shop for production