Support Testimonials

Kendred was and is very knowledgeable on the issue and helped to fix the problem immediately. Thank you very much.
Casey S.

Keith had answered my question in moments however he took the extra time to show me two other ways to produce the same result. Thank you Keith, I appreciate your time and expertise.
Mark K.

Quick resolution to our problem, as always. I'm not an "IT type" person so having Hagerman phone support is very important to me and my ability to maintain our AutoCAD network system.
Kenny H.

I made one phone call and had the answer before I was able to get back to my office. WOW! That is "SERVICE".
Eric U.

Dave - the person I talked to - was great! The kind of person I would like to spend a week with and walk away with a computer degree.
Duane K.

I got the information I needed with no problems and your staff was very helpful. Thank you.
Joe M.

Dave was awesome - I could not believe how quickly he processed my request, and got back to me with an updated license file.
Jennifer P.

I made one phone call and had the answer before I was able to get back to my office. WOW! That is "SERVICE".
Eric U.


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Training Testimonials

Instructor was knowledgeable even in topics not covered in the class and conferred with coworkers for a full answer to questions on unknown topics.

Michelle C.

Just a lot of information to cover in a short period of time. In addition, our specialty requires a very targeted content which is not easy for those outside of our industry to fully understand. Under those circumstances, I thought Alice did a fantastic job.

Brock S.

Dan was a fantastic instructor- I would absolutely trust him to teach me other awesome programs. I feel confident walking away from this course with the knowledge Dan equipped me with!

Jess U.

The instructor got to know each of us, and was interested in our specific needs.

E. Lee S.

This was my first online course, I was a bit apprehensive about it to begin with, but it has been every bit as easy as if I were sitting in a classroom with the class.
Scott C.

Gary is a great instructor - he is clear, direct, has an excellent speaking and teaching approach, and makes the material very understandable.
David K.

Wonderful class! Gary's expertise helped us get the most out of the class. Will be recommending 3-4 more students to the essentials class, and possibly arrange a 1-2 "custom advanced" course later.
Allan V.

I was able to get all my questions answered, no matter how many I bugged the instructor with. He [Dan Rosenberg] also was able to help us figure out solutions to our problems we might have a hard time with.
Jonathan F.

What did you like most about your training?: I enjoyed the hands on practice with the examples. There was good coverage on the most useful and helpful features of the software.
Jeffrey S.

Forrest is an incredible instructor. I look forward to working with him in the future. WOW!!! THANK YOU Forrest.
Michael G.


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