Support Testimonials

Alice was very thorough, courteous, and diligent in finding a solution for my support issue. She kept me informed and was certainly the best detective for the case!

Jeremy B.

Tad has always been very knowledgeable and responsive on any parts or problems I've sent. I've never been left hanging or without a solution.

Michael V.

This service call might have been the best customer service experience I have ever had. 

Lance N.

Our most recent significant engagement with Kevin Bosch at Hagerman, was to upgrade our Vault Pro 2020 server to Vault 2022. The upgrade was completed according to the initial plans.

Maurice J.

Marvin was able to identify and fix the problem very quickly. Thank you!
Danny H.

It's nice to have the security knowing that Hagerman's support staff is always there when you need them....Great job...keep up the excellent support!
Steve W.

Dave was awesome. Very patient and fast at fixing our problem. Thanks.
Josh C.

This is my first direct contact with your Technical Support and I was very impressed with the speed and the personal touch I received. In all my 'computer lifetime' (since 1994), my experience with your Technical Support is among the very best.
Gary K.

Excellent service, Dave Benning was able to figure out the issue within seconds. He hopped on my computer using GoToMeeting, and the issue was resolved. I appreciate the overall quality of service since I first called in to order the product. This is the reason we chose Hagerman, and will return for any future needs.
Greg S.

It was a very enjoyable experience. Top rate customer service. Thanks.
Judy M.


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Training Testimonials

We have used Hagerman & Co. for years as our AutoCAD resource. They are easy to work with and that's why we continue to do business with them.

Brad B.

Dan was very knowledgeable and did a very good job and helping our production team. We plan to do training on a yearly basis with Hagerman based on this training. Valuable with excellent support.

David P.

Kendred went out of his way to make sure we were able to resolve our issues with our Vault/Inventor upgrade and the plant was not able to access critical documents - time is money.

Stephanie D.

Clayton was very helpful. It couldn't get any easier.

Mike O.

Clayton is very sharp, well versed and easy to communicate with.  His experience and breadth of knowledge qualifies him as a great teacher who shines a light on the path to success.

Jeff M.

It is always great to work with Clayton. He is a true professional.

Mark B.

Instructor was knowledgeable even in topics not covered in the class and conferred with coworkers for a full answer to questions on unknown topics.

Michelle C.

Just a lot of information to cover in a short period of time. In addition, our specialty requires a very targeted content which is not easy for those outside of our industry to fully understand. Under those circumstances, I thought Alice did a fantastic job.

Brock S.

Dan was a fantastic instructor- I would absolutely trust him to teach me other awesome programs. I feel confident walking away from this course with the knowledge Dan equipped me with!

Jess U.

The instructor got to know each of us, and was interested in our specific needs.

E. Lee S.


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