Professional Services

Hagerman & Company provides a number of comprehensive custom solutions. Our team of consultants are constantly striving to create better programs, apps and workflows to give you a better ROI on your technology investments. 

We offer programming services, including:

  • Project scoping and analysis
  • Training
  • Upgrading menus, AutoLisp, VBA and other customization to latest version of ACAD
  • All types of Autodesk customization and programming with AutoLisp and .NET
  • Design automation projects
  • General computer programming involving VB, MS-Office, databases, etc.

Some of the automation options we offer are:

  • AutoCAD Script Files
  • Menu Macros
  • AutoLisp
  • .NET/Visual Basic
  • Autodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order
  • Inventor iLogic