Training Summary
Hagerman & Company provides comprehensive world-class training solutions to help you get the highest possible value from your technology investment.
 Services Summary
Hagerman Services include system implementation, consulting and contracting, and support and maintenance. We sell and support the hardware, operating systems, networks, and technologies that underlie all of the solutions we provide.
 Products Summary
Hagerman & Company is a large solutions provider to architects, engineering and civil design firms, manufacturers, construction companies, and government institutions. We sell and support all the products, hardware and solutions we provide.



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Cloud-Based Data Management with Vault, Meridian and Adept

Did you know that it is possible to deploy Autodesk Vault, BlueCielo Meridian and Synergis Adept in the cloud using hosting services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure?  This article will show you what is needed in order to make this happen!

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Revit 2017.1 Update

When installing the Revit 2017.1 update, Collaboration v3 for Revit 2017 is directly contained within the Revit 2017.1 Update and will install with the update.

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Revit® 2017 Global Parameters: Displaying the assigned global parameter

The Global parameters introduced in Revit® 2017 provide us with additional tools to drive and associate values at the project level. This tip is intended to help you work with Global parameters by visually displaying the assigned parameter and the associated value in a view. The Global parameters by default display a small pencil beside the dimension to let you know a global parameter has been defined. What if you want to be able display the actual Global Parameters name controlling the value associated to a dimension? 


The Future of Structural Engineering Will Survive the High-Tech Revolution

The structural-engineering industry is being rocked by a sizable earthquake of changes right now.

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 Tab-Sim Specialists
Sim Specialists is a division of our company dedicated exclusively to providing expert Simulation consulting services to our customers.  Our expert resources become an extension of your engineering team. 

No software or time? We support your active efforts and projects with services that leverage our extensive expertise in simulation.

If you own your software, we provide customized training / mentoring specific to your application.