Training Summary
Hagerman & Company provides comprehensive world-class training solutions to help you get the highest possible value from your technology investment.
 Services Summary
Hagerman Services include system implementation, consulting and contracting, and support and maintenance. We sell and support the hardware, operating systems, networks, and technologies that underlie all of the solutions we provide.
 Products Summary
Hagerman & Company is a large solutions provider to architects, engineering and civil design firms, manufacturers, construction companies, and government institutions. We sell and support all the products, hardware and solutions we provide.



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Why Diversity in Architecture Matters for Communities and the Bottom Line

Mike Ford—a forward-thinking designer dubbed the “hip-hop architect”—didn’t meet an African American architect until his fourth year as an undergraduate architecture student at the University of Detroit Mercy. This was in inner-city Detroit, where 85 percent of the population is African American.

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OC Choppers’ Jason Pohl on the Art of Making Motorcycles

When people ask Orange County Choppers Lead Designer Jason Pohl what he does for a living, he says: “Well, I draw pictures of motorcycles, and then I color them in. So, in a way, I get paid to color.” Pohl, if you couldn’t tell, isn’t afraid to have a little fun at his own expense.

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5 Ways Designers and Engineers Can Start Designing for Climate Change

Most people don’t see themselves as having the personal power or influence to make a compelling difference in climate change. But so many of the design decisions made every day have a climate implication; each one can help promote a low-carbon future that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. Those who create the products and built environments of everyday life—from mechanical engineers to architects—have an important role to play by designing for climate change.

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Hagerman Plant Solutions and Services

Does your company own and operate large facilities in industries such as automotive assembly, utilities, pipelines, chemicals, primary metals, food and beverage, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper or other large manufacturing industries? If so, you have unique mission-critical needs for CAD, data management, operations and maintenance, and facility energy management. At Hagerman & Company, we have a tremendous amount of experience and have developed capabilities in these industries that we can share with your organization.

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 Tab-Sim Specialists
Sim Specialists is a division of our company dedicated exclusively to providing expert Simulation consulting services to our customers.  Our expert resources become an extension of your engineering team. 

No software or time? We support your active efforts and projects with services that leverage our extensive expertise in simulation.

If you own your software, we provide customized training / mentoring specific to your application.