Training Summary
Hagerman & Company provides comprehensive world-class training solutions to help you get the highest possible value from your technology investment.
 Services Summary
Hagerman Services include system implementation, consulting and contracting, and support and maintenance. We sell and support the hardware, operating systems, networks, and technologies that underlie all of the solutions we provide.
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Hagerman & Company is a large solutions provider to architects, engineering and civil design firms, manufacturers, construction companies, and government institutions. We sell and support all the products, hardware and solutions we provide.



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Speed up your CAD software…. for free!!!!

While this may not seem like it would affect CAD software at this point, bear with me. There is a CAD related point to all of this, but we must cover some basics first. As a function of the average p.c. system, a system temp folder is used to store files for fast retrieval and processing. The system temp folder is used by nearly every piece of software out there today for this workflow….as well as for other reasons. 

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Convert AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2d Linework for InfraWorks 360 Use

“I’ve done my conceptual layout in Civil 3D®, is there any way to bring 2d linework like parking stripes, etc. into InfraWorks for contextual use in my model?”  I’ve been asked this several times and the answer is a resounding “YES!”  Not only can this be done, but the process is short and easy.

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Revit® Curtain Wall Mullions

For new Revit® users and even seasoned experts that have been using the software for a while, I like to point out excellent and underused features of the software that you forgot about or might have missed. One of the hardest things to do while working with Revit Curtain Walls can be selecting the exact mullions you need to modify. When I first started working with the software I would resort to doing a window selection, then filtering out objects I did not mean to select. With Revit Curtain Walls, it was almost a guarantee that you would at least select the curtain grid and some other miscellaneous items that no doubt needed to be filtered from your selection. If you are currently using this method, here is the good news: There is actually a hidden tool specifically designed to help while working with mullions.

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System Hardening: Simple things to help secure Windows

While installations of many different operating systems exist, such as those produced by Apple, many flavors of Linux and others, I am going to demonstrate how to harden a Windows installation. Why? In spite of what you read, when it comes to laptops, 2 in 1’s, Desktop and Tower systems and Servers, be they rack mounted, virtual or cloud-based, there are simply more installations of Microsoft Windows. More installations of an operating system mean that the potential for attack is larger because there is a larger audience. There are some very simple things that can be done to harden your systems, whether you are an IT Professional or are protecting your system at home. Let’s get started!

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 Tab-Sim Specialists
Sim Specialists is a division of our company dedicated exclusively to providing expert Simulation consulting services to our customers.  Our expert resources become an extension of your engineering team. 

No software or time? We support your active efforts and projects with services that leverage our extensive expertise in simulation.

If you own your software, we provide customized training / mentoring specific to your application.