Instructor was very knowledgable in Inventor and used real world applications to explain why and how you use Inventor in different scenarios. The one on one attention was good. The instructor made me feel "at home" and comfortable without making me feel incompetent about the course material.
Matthew B.

David explained everything very well and has cleared up all the issues I was struggling with prior to taking the class. It was an extremely helpful class. This training has given me the tools I need to successfully implement Smart P&IDs at MECS.
Phillip C.

Mark was very good at demonstrating new features in the software, as well as showing some other shortcuts and hints that would apply to what we use the software for.
Dan S.

The course set-up allowed us to discuss and concentrate on our real world work environment and drawings with real scenarios - and give those items more attention than some of the other course material as needed.
Randall V.

David is an awesome instructor. He is very helpful and easy to talk to.
Amy D.

Gary was well prepared, knowledgeable, and presented the material in an easy to understand format. He was open to questions at any time during the training. He was very patient and understanding when asked to repeat subjects to ensure that I was able to understand the use of the software.
Michael C.

Scott did a great job of taking the time to explain each section of the material thoroughly, along with answering every question I had. The training process was not rushed and allowed me to fully understand each step.
Clay J.

Very good class, well taught. I especially liked the hands on experience and exercises at the end of each chapter. 
Ken H.

Tad did an excellent job going through the material, answering questions, and giving really good tips and comments on not just how the software was performing but also why it was behaving the way it was, which I found extremely useful. I really liked the hands-on nature of the class as well as the instructor, Tad, and all of the knowledge he brought to the table. It made it really interesting and fun, as well as extremely informative and useful.
Mandy F.

The instructor was very flexible and helped at each stage of the course.  The instructor tailoring responses extremely well and was relatable, which made it interesting.
Ralph M.


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