He [Tad] progressed at a very good rate based on class knowledge as a whole. He understood the software very well, and was able to answer questions not covered by the basic course very well.
Daniel M.

Clayton did a great job and taught at a level in respect to my experience.
Lee C.

Alice is very knowledgeable, most helpful, and able to answer every question without hesitation.
Bryan T.

What did you like most about your training?: There was a great breakdown of basic usage and functionality.
Mario H.

Not knowing ANYTHING about Inventor, Keith made me feel at ease. He had great patience with the students.
Steve H.

I was able to follow through the course, even when my experience with this software is limited, I feel confident I will be able to master the skills in a proficient manner shortly.
Patricia F.

Clayton conveys lots of tips, tricks, use cases, and industry scenarios in addition to the course material, which I found very helpful as a beginner to the program.
Anthony D.

[The Instructor] communicated well, and was easy to follow.
Mark S.

What did you like most about your training?: The way the instructor explained the software in a personable manner, The course was much more productive than I was expecting, Chris' personality kept our attention throughout the online course. I have been involved in some that the instructor was so dry that it made focusing very difficult, not the case with Chris. I would recommend the online version of training to anyone.
Ben S.

[The instructor] was willing to listen to my concerns and answered them with detailed explanations. I enjoyed being able to do hands-on exercises with each lesson.
Stephen A.


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