Very informative. The pace was just right and 3 days worth of information is about all I can handle. Working with prebuilt models really helped me get my head around what I was doing and where I was headed.
Jeremy B.

We had a small class so the instructor was able to tailor the training based on how our company uses AutoCad. Tad really knows the software well and has a very productive way of teaching it.
Keith G.

Great instructor. Consistently explained items as if we were new each day.
Victor P.

Would definitely recommend this instructor [David Cruze] for anyone using this software.
Laura R.

Great software. Will help out immensely in the future. The instructor also made the class interesting and provided a great environment.
Craig F.

Instructor is excellent and has a depth of knowledge of the application of the software that made his instruction and discussions very relevant.
Paul M.

Tad did a really good job explaining things at a good pace and with very basic and easy to understand knowledge. I feel he did an exceptional job teaching us the material.
Joshua G.

Even though the class went by quickly, the instructor took time to explain the course material in detail, as well as answer everyone's questions clearly and completely.
Michael W.

This was an online course. Logging in, communicating, and staying connected was a simple task with no issues at all.
Dennis B.

Exceptional job presenting a tremendous amount of information in a short period of time.
Douglas S.


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