Meridian Portal

Project Collaboration in the Cloud.

The outsourcing of EPCM activities causes several challenges for owner-operators to keep track of critical asset-related information in engineering projects. Outsourcing activities cause a diversion of ownership, fragmented responsibilities, and uncontrolled engineering data. As a result, asset data integrity is at risk and inaccurate information leads to poor decisions. Incomplete and inaccurate information can cause catastrophic accidents to occur, causing health, safety and environmental issues as well as unplanned shutdowns. Owner-operators and contractors need a system where internal and external participants can contribute, deliver, review, and approve asset information throughout the project lifecycle. Meridian Portal is a system that provides a globally accessible and centralized source of technical information for extended project teams, increasing engineering, operations, and maintenance staff productivity. Meridian Portal facilitates the controlled exchange of document deliverables between all internal and external stakeholders while improving the data quality by providing full project control and document compliance.  Additionally, Meridian Portal lowers the total cost of information management and distribution, so owner-operators achieve added savings through enhanced productivity and search time reduction. The availability of up-to-date operating procedures and accurate engineering information is crucial to improve safety and minimize the costs of outsourced engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance activities.

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