Electrical Environment Connection

Electrical Environment Connection software provides a graphical user interface in order to more easily create and edit AutoCAD Electrical environment files (WD.ENV). 

Through the user interface an admin can more easily understand each variable’s usage and set the variables to the paths and settings that make the most sense for that particular situation.

AutoCAD Electrical uses the .env file much like an .ini file to configure the Electrical environment. Electrical Environment Connection can greatly reduce the time and frustration of understanding and editing these environment files.

The proper configuration of the AutoCAD Electrical environment file is key to gaining the most productivity from AutoCAD Electrical.  Some of the use cases are in a multi-user environment, customer-specific standards, ability to disconnect from a network for fieldwork, and adherence to company standards.


  • Supports all versions of AutoCAD Electrical
  • Supports multiple environment files
  • Offers a graphical user interface with both variable details as well as help files for each supported variable.
  • Variables are grouped in a logical order to assist in understanding the various sections of the environment file.


  • AutoCAD Electrical is not required to use this application
  • When an .ENV file is loaded, it is backed up automatically
  • You no longer need to understand the syntax of the text file, the application will correctly write an environment file based on your settings.

Note: Use of Hagerman Electrical Environment Connection does not validate the variables and the settings that are configured using this application.  Users must understand their particular environment as well as how the variables affect the performance of AutoCAD Electrical.

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