QVP Connection

A low-cost and easy-to-use interface for those who need query (search), view and print access to documents and data stored in Autodesk Vault.

Manufacturing, maintenance, sales, purchasing, operations, customer service and other personnel need a simple forms-based tool for searching, retrieving, viewing and printing drawings and other documents.  You may have hundreds of staff members scattered throughout your facility who need this capability, so the solution must also be scalable and cost effective. Hagerman QVP® Connection meets these criteria and integrates with all popular viewing software.

With QVP, access to documents is controlled by Vault security, and all settings are controlled at the server level by system administrators. This proven solution is currently being used by thousands of manufacturing professionals.

QVP Connection advantages include:

  • Extremely easy to use with a very low cost per computer/user
  • Supports multiple configurable search forms for different file types or groups of users
  • All settings are controlled at the server level by system administrator
  • Does not tie up Vault licenses


  • Integration with any software for document viewing, printing and redlining
  • Search based on any combination of document properties
  • Different search UIs can be configured for different groups of users and/or types of documents
  • Compatible with Hagerman AutoPlot® Connection software for batch printing and plotting
  • Works with other company databases, ERP systems, ECM/PDM systems or Windows Explorer
  • Configurable and customizable search parameters, column headings and more



Note:  QVP is not viewing software.  QVP takes advantage of the viewing solution you choose


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