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Are you challenged to import your data into the Vault? Do you want to complete or clean up your Vault data?


  • The Data Transfer Utility (aka VaultBCP) allows importing data of any size into Vault in a reliable and complete way.
    It allows importing files, items, bill of materials and custom objects, including historical versions, and all the related links.
  • The bcpToolkit provides several tools for creating, manipulating and viewing such BCP packages easily, in order to be ready to import them into Vault!


  • The challenge that you may face is that you already imported all your files into Vault. However, you have an additional source of metadata, which you need to apply to your files. A manual operation is not an option.  dataLoader reads a CSV-file containing your metadata and automatically updates every file with the matching metadata. It even recognizes information like category, revision, and state in the CSV-file and applies those properties as well.


  • The challenge is that you just moved from Vault Basic to Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional and all files are still in category <Base> without lifecycle or revision?  vaultRuler will apply your configured rules for each file. Additionally, if you manually managed revision and state in a custom property.

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