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Centralize your project data and access the information you need in real-time, anywhere, so you can track your project and make decisions in the field.

Design collaboration software

  • Real-time Revit cloud worksharing and collaboration workflows for Civil 3D and Plant 3D
  • Securely co-author Revit models and access Civil 3D and Plant 3D files, across one firm or multiple firms
  • Improve productivity, reduce rework, and accelerate project delivery

The benefits of design collaboration software

Connect design teams to improve project outcomes

Successful project outcomes depend on consistent communication with the team throughout every project phase. Connect teams and information in a central project location in the cloud to improve productivity, reduce rework, and accelerate project delivery.

Design Collaboration Software | BIM 360 Design


Boost productivity

Teams can work on the same project, which helps them avoid time wasted on uploading, syncing, transferring or waiting on large files.

Improve project efficiency

See how new design information could impact ongoing work to help reduce rework and downstream construction delays.

Accelerate project delivery

Project information in a single cloud-based repository helps streamline approvals. Expedite review cycles with trackable coordination activity recorded for all teams.

Key workflows

An efficient design process starts with connecting project teams

Integrated access to Civil 3D files, and design collaboration on a single cloud-based platform will helps teams boost productivity, improve efficiency, and accelerate project delivery.

Revit Cloud Worksharing

Revit Cloud Worksharing with BIM 360 brings powerful, collaborative Revit workflows to the cloud. Enable your teams to co-author Revit models in real-time, staying up-to-date with the latest approved work. Use the best talent for the job, no matter where they are located.

Collaboration for Civil 3D

Collaboration for Civil 3D helps project teams to share design data securely across multiple companies. Securely access Civil 3D files, data shortcuts, and xrefs from multiple locations and companies, outside company firewalls, all in a common data environment throughout the life of the project.

Collaboration for Plant 3D

Collaboration for Plant 3D enables teams to securely share design data across multiple organizations. Users can manage permissions, visualize changes, and track project progress. Enhanced collaboration on a common data platform helps maintain compliance requirements, minimizes data loss, and better integrates project workflows.

Change visualization

Explore shared packages in Design Collaboration module before accepting them into your team’s space to understand how new design information will impact your team’s work in progress. Navigate the aggregated project model by team, phase, or building level, toggling to review added, deleted, or modified elements in the last round of changes.

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