Autodesk's new plans for named users provide a range of administrative, support, and reporting capabilities for organizations of every size.

Autodesk is moving away from plans based on serial numbers and will instead be assigning each subscription to a named user. In other words, each Autodesk software plan will now be based on actual people. These new plans will deliver many new benefits now, and in the future, including:

  • Dedicated access for all employees whenever they need it. No more downtime because all of your licenses are in use.
  • New ways to optimize licensing costs. New named plans will allow you to have visibility into usage data, allowing you to make smarter investments for your company.
  • Plans for individuals, teams, and enterprises with dedicated or flexible software access, depending on how your company works.
  • You will no longer have to manage network servers or track anonymous serial numbers. And this is just the start of a more relevant user experience that includes more security features, additional support channels, a range of administrative capabilities, data insights, and integrated collaboration tools.

Standard Plan

The Standard plan is suited for smaller teams and individuals. Admins can improve their team’s uptime and productivity with the ability to easily invite and manage new users and assign or unassign access to products. The Standard plan comes with basic security features, several support options, and at-a-glance reporting—helping admins protect their project assets and providing valuable usage data to inform their purchasing decisions. The Standard plan has all the essentials to equip small teams with the administrative and support tools they need, at the right cost for their business.

Premium Plan

The Premium plan is well suited for medium sized teams. It includes all the essentials of Standard, plus added benefits for security, reporting, and automation to help companies focus on what’s most important—like ensuring their teams are equipped and on-schedule. Create automated workflows for on-boarding and managing new users with single sign on. Help protect projects, people, and minimize costly downtime with 24x7 live support. Take the guesswork out of planning, purchasing, and identifying power users with features like user-level reporting. Boost productivity with Premium and get days back in the month and dollars back in the quarter.

Is a Premium plan right for your organization? Here are a few questions to help you decide:

  • Are you frequently adding new users, but would like to save time by not having to manually create and assign access?
  • Would you like 24/7 support and faster response times?
  • Are you needing the additional security features of SSO?
  • Do you have employees or contractors based globally that you would like to purchase centrally for?
  • Is it difficult to optimize subscription licensing because you don’t know which users need product access?

If you’d like more flexibility, increased security, and easier user management for 50 or more subscriptions, then maybe it’s time to upgrade to a Premium plan.


Autodesk Premium Plan

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Business Agreement is well suited for large teams and enterprise organizations looking for a strategic partnership. All the perks of Premium, plus flexible technology access and enterprise-level support and services. Give teams the tools and autonomy they need with flexible access to Autodesk’s portfolio. Customize workflows with the ability to connect your own tools to Autodesk tools through APIs. Automate user management and help protect assets through single sign on, and make informed decisions with detailed usage reporting. For added peace of mind, teams receive a designated support specialist and customer success manager –making your success our priority.


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Feature Comparison

Feature Standard Premium Enterprise

For individuals and smaller teams

  • Product usage reporting
  • 2-step verification
  • 8x5 live support

Benefits included with all product subscriptions


For medium and large teams of 50 or more

  • Product usage reporting with user details
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • 24x7 live support

Benefits available at an additional cost

For extra-large teams

  • Connect data to third-party tools via API access
  • Automated user assignments
  • Customer Success Manager

Benefits available at an additional cost

Access Options
Single-user access

Assign and give access to an individual user at a flat rate for a monthly, annual, or 3-year term.

X X  
Flex access

Assign and give access to an unlimited number of users at a flexible, daily rate for a 3-year term.

Product usage reporting

See an aggregate summary of how many people are using each product and version, and the overall frequency of use.

Product usage reporting with user details

See which individuals are using each product and version, and their frequency of use.

  X X
Add your own metadata

Submit data about your users, such as location or team, to enrich reports.

Connect data to third-party tools via API access

Use APIs to integrate usage data with your third-party tools to automate analysis workflows.

Administration & Security
Add and assign users in Autodesk Account

Invite and assign users to any product in your list just by using their email address.

2-step verification

Add another layer of security to user accounts.

Bulk import

Upload a .csv file to add a large number of users at once.

Automate adding users

Have users automatically added to your user list upon their first sign-in.

  X X
Single sign-on (SSO)

Users sign in via company network credentials to access products.

  X X
Automate user assignments

Set up global access to choose which products to assign to everyone on your list.

Control user access to downloads

Restrict product downloads to admins only.

Support & Adoption Services
Online self-help

Troubleshoot issues with peers and experts in our community forums and get answers to your questions on the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

Online training

Guided learning paths help busy professionals stay up to speed with the latest workflows and best practices.

Virtual agent support

Get answers to your questions anytime from AVA, the Autodesk Virtual Agent.

Web case support

Submit a case and get help from an Autodesk specialist within one business day. Customers on Premium and Enterprise get expedited assistance.

8x5 live support

Contact an Autodesk specialist for help during your local business hours.

24x7 live support

Contact an Autodesk specialist for help anytime, including nights and weekends.

  X X
Onboarding assistance

In the first 90 days, Autodesk experts help admins set up new benefits, such as single sign-on.

  X X
Autodesk Accelerators

Get expertise from Autodesk to adopt new tools, features, and workflows.

  X X
Ask an Expert sessions

Speak 1:1 with an Autodesk specialist to learn about product capabilities, new features, technical requirements, and more.

Upgrade assistance & planning

Get help from specialists with planning, packaging, and deploying upgrades for Autodesk desktop software.

Case management & root-cause resolution

Get priority responses and resolutions and support case oversight from your Designated Support Specialist.

Customer Success Manager

Build a customer success plan to meet your business goals with your Customer Success Manager.

Autodesk Developer Network membership

Membership fee waived for ADN Professional.

Autodesk Drive

Securely store, preview, and share design data.

Shared views

Quickly and securely share work with stakeholders.

Manage users by team

Separate your subscriptions and track usage by team.

Centralized purchasing

Parent companies can buy subscriptions for subsidiaries, regardless of a subsidiary’s location.

  X X