Simulation for Mechanical

Your Challenges

Making an engineering change early in the design process is hundreds to millions of times less expensive than finding it later.

The best solution is to optimize your design process upfront, so that you not only avoid problems in prototyping and production, but actually optimize design to get the very best cycle time, reduce scrap, and optimize the efficiency of your manufacturing operation overall.

Our Solutions

We provide three options on effectively and efficiently adopting and integrating simulation solutions:

1 Software
  • Autodesk Software
  • Wide range of applications
  • Quick what-if studies
  • Validates designs before manufacture
  • Assists with the bidding process
2 Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Provides insight to help understand product performance
  • Quick turnaround
3 Software + Services
  • Combine software, services and training to get your team up to speed quickly
  • Solve immediate or long-term problems
  • Maximize your ROI

What We Do

Hagerman Simulation Services

Partner with Sim Specialists, a division of Hagerman & Company. We are an extension of your Engineering Team.

Our experts collaborate as a direct extension of your design team to deliver compelling performance insight which can:
  • Minimize wasted prototpyes
  • Maximize design evolution
  • Boost client confidence
  • Save time and money

Do you need reliable flow and thermal performance insight to:

  • Minimize costly prototype testing?
  • Fix urgent in-field issues?
  • Gain a competitive advantage?
  • Reduce weight or save energy?

Your Team Provides...

  • CAD models or drawings
  • Operating specs, design background
  • Project goals and cost constraints

We Deliver...

  • Expedited CAD preparation
  • Expert CFD results interpretation
  • Insight you need when you need it
  • Responsiveness to urgent project schedules
  • Insightful interpretation of simulation results
  • 100% focus on simulation services and training
  • Custom solutions with competitive pricing

Leveraging your product knowledge and our CFD expertise together to find the optimal design solution and to keep the development process moving forward.