Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management enables organizations to achieve maximum value from their Autodesk investments by reducing hard-dollar IT expenditures, human resource overhead and risks inherent in owning and managing software assets.

BSA Global Survey

  • 62% of IT managers cited “security threats from malware” as the chief reason not to use unlicensed or mis-licensed applications
  • Only 48% of IT managers are “very confident that their company’s software is properly licensed”
  • 42% of workers say their companies either do not have a policy on licensed software use or they don’t know [if there is a policy]
  • 2013 global rate of unlicensed use: 43% (up 1% from 2011)
  • 2013 global commercial value of unlicensed PC software installations: $62.7 billion

Companies that recognize the value of Software Asset Management and implement effective strategies have been able to:

  • Minimize security risks by preventing the use of unauthorized software and enforcing standards.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership related to your Autodesk IT assets by eliminating time-consuming manual audits and determining where the organization is overspending on Autodesk licenses.
  • Map current and future Autodesk license needs by collecting data that assists with technology migration and upgrade planning.
  • Limit compliance risk by identifying PCs with unlicensed Autodesk applications, preventing employees from using unlicensed software, and generating accurate reports in the event of an Autodesk audit.

As an approved Autodesk Software Asset Management Partner, Hagerman & Company can substantially improve the management of your firm’s Autodesk environment through an initial Asset Management Profile (AMP) or through our paid Annual Software Asset Management Advantage Program.

Next Steps

AMP Program

Asset Management Profile (AMP) is a free service we provide to assist companies in taking the first steps in understanding their Autodesk license environment, history and usage.

Our AMP service will:

  • Provide serial number and registration analysis to improve the detailed insight of Autodesk licenses within your organization.
  • Identify efficient licensing models to reduce overall software costs and assure your firm’s maximum productivity.
  • Determine licensing discrepancies to reduce overall compliance risk.
  • Align current Autodesk promotions or offerings to eligible licenses.

Advantage Program

Hagerman & Company has partnered with Autodesk to provide our customers a comprehensive software asset management review and certificate program.

Our Annual Software Asset Management Advantage Program will:

  • Include multiple AMP reviews as requested by the customer throughout the contract year (max 4).
  • Provide 90-day access to Autodesk Inventory Advisor, a highly configurable, robust inventory tool that leverages Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) to provide near seamless audit data collection of Autodesk product information.
  • Provide a confidential analysis and final Software Asset Management Report, based on the Autodesk Inventory Advisor results supplied by the client.
  • Present an Autodesk Software Asset Management Certificate upon completion of final report.

Contact us for a free Asset Management Profile or to learn more about our Advantage Program.