Collaboration Solutions

Hagerman & Company provides Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions and collaboration software that connects teams so they can review design work, improve cross-department communication, and coordinate project documentation – all on a single platform. Learn more about the types of BIM software and collaboration solutions we offer below.

Meridian Solutions

Meridian is document management software that connects maintenance and engineering teams, supports concurrent engineering, and improves data handover. Unlike departmental point solutions that are restricted in scope, Meridian provides a comprehensive solution for managing concurrent plant modifications of all scales and maintaining as-built master data for operations and maintenance. Meridian allows you to work with information in the cloud or on-premise, at your desktop or on the go with your mobile device, within your organization or with external contractors and stakeholders.

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Collaboration for Plant 3D

With Collaboration for Plant 3D, plant designers and engineers can manage permissions and share data easily and securely enabling improved collaboration across the entire project lifecycle anytime, from anywhere.

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BIM 360

BIM 360 is a unified platform connecting your project teams and data in real-time, from design through construction, supporting informed decision-making and leading to more predictable and profitable outcomes.

BIM 360 Design

Centralize your project data and access the information you need in real-time, anywhere, so you can track your project and make decisions in the field.

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BIM 360 Docs

By making project information accessible to the project team when and where they need it, BIM 360 Docs turns document management from a necessary task to the foundation for project success.

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BIM 360 Glue

BIM 360 Glue puts model visualization into the hands of the whole project team, helping accelerate virtual design and construction workflows.

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