Autodesk® Inventor®

3D CAD software for product development.

Inventor 3D CAD software offers professional-grade 3D mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation tools.

Why Inventor?

  • Modeling flexibility
    Choose the way you design, with various modeling options.
  • AnyCAD data
    Work with data from any 3D CAD system and maintain an associative link.
  • Automation
    Set up your product configurator without writing complex code.
  • Parametric modeling
    Focus your efforts on designing, not the interface.

New features in Inventor 2019

Inventor 2019 improves design workflows with increased performance, better collaboration, and new professional-grade design tools.

  • Hole command
    Get a streamlined, personalized workflow with fewer clicks, increasing speed and productivity.
  • iLogic enhancements
    New iLogic assembly functions make it easier for your engineering team to configure customizable products.
  • Shared view collaboration
    Collaborate on your models or designs online. Anyone can review and comment on shared views in the Autodesk viewer.
  • Performance improvements
    Do more in less time with performance improvements in part modeling, assembly work, and drawing documentation.
  • Sheet metal for manufacturing
    Prepare designs for manufacturing with additional corner relief options that are more suitable for laser-cut parts.
  • Model-based definition enhancements
    Enable face status coloring for visual feedback as you fully constrain your model. Get improved 3D annotation callouts for hole quantity.
  • Improved part modeling workflows
    With 3D part modeling and sketching enhancements, save time by creating an inverted fillet instead of an extrude or sweep feature.
  • Assembly improvements
    Explore customer-requested improvements to assemblies for constraints, tube and pipe, and frame generator.

Nesting Tools

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