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Our simulation division, Sim Specialists, is a complete solution for customers who need engineering simulation software, services and/or training. In addition, we deliver best-in-class expertise and leadership support our solutions.

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Simulation allows you to deliver better designs more quickly and make great products and design better structures. Predict behavior, test innovative concepts, and optimize designs early in the design and engineering process. Validate products to better understand the implications of your design choice at the beginning of the design process, saving time and money. 

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEA (FInite Element Analysis) are applied to three broad types of simulation -- Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer and Structural Analysis -- used mainly in four types of industry -- Electronic Cooling, Facility Energy Management, Flow Control, and Structural Analysis. See this page for more information and examples of the types of simulation services we deliver.

Simulation for Manufacturing

Every designer needs simulation

The reason is straightforward: Making an engineering change early in the design process is hundreds to millions of times less expensive than finding it later. In fact, research from a recent report produced by the Aberdeen Group indicates that the cost of an engineering change:

Found late in design stage can be several hundred times more expensive to process than making the change early in product development.

  • During Manufacturing ramp-up the change can be 1,000 to 20,000 times more expensive given commitments already made to capital equipment, factory layout and investments in parts that need to be changed
  • Product recalls can be 100,000 to more than 1 million times more expensive than changes early in product development. The economic cost is compounded by damage to the brand

The best solution is to optimize your design process upfront, so that you not only avoid problems in prototyping and production, but actually optimize your design to get the very best cycle time, reduce scrap, and optimize the efficiency of your manufacturing operation overall. 

Simulation for AEC and Civil

Are you or your client governed by one of the major energy drivers (LEED, BREEAM, Net Zero)?

Have you had designs that ultimately had comfort issues after construction?

AEC firms are losing business due to a lack of agility and technology and lack of innovation. Design issues that are not discovered early in the process can harm the reputation and result in costly liability issues or fixes. Today’s environmental standards are difficult to comply with using standard tools.

Simulation can alleviate these pain points as well as increase your capability to compete in today's market.