BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise

A versatile Engineering Content Management solution with a broad range of features, allowing companies in multiple industries to optimize their business processes related to the creation, collaboration and distribution of engineering data.

Fully CAD platform-independent, BC Meridian provides flexible revision management, workflow support for projects and single documents and a safe, secure environment for documents using a “vault” concept. BC Meridian manages the lifecycles of products or installations, controlling all technology-related data, and allows a choice of database back-ends ranging from Hypertrieve (proprietary) to Microsoft SQL and Oracle. BC Meridian offers enhanced support for regulatory compliance, including built-in support for document renditions, subscription, email notification and server-based viewing to avoid local downloads of documents.

Key Capabilities:

  • Manage Engineering Data
  • Secure Access & Controlled Content
  • Search & Retrieve
  • CAD Application Integration
  • View Content
  • Redlining, Markup & Compare
  • Workflow & Revision Management
  • Audit Trail
  • Email Integration & Notification
  • Reporting
  • Highly Configurable to Meet Your Business Needs

Due to its great flexibility in configuration to specific user requirements, BC Meridian can be used as an Engineering Data Management solution, supporting multiple processes ranging from master data management to collaboration with external contractors. It can also be used as an Asset Information Management solution for Owner/Operators through the addition of specialized modules to address specific business problems.

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